01 December 2005

wip going well despite lackluster yarn from knitpicks

I've made a lot of progress on Wren's pullover this past week, and I think I'll be finished in another week. I'm using KnitPicks' Wool of the Andes in 'mulled wine' for this one. I can't say that I'm disappointed in the yarn --- it's a good basic wool for a very moderate price --- but it isn't the joy to knit with that other yarns have been. It's not quite as soft as I would like, and lacks springiness. I don't know anything about large scale spinneries (is that what they're even called?) but I wonder if this wool has been processed too harshly. Something for me to research! Despite not enjoying the knitting as much as I usually do, I've been diligent and am just about finished the body. The pattern is for a plain, top-down pullover with rolled hem, cuffs, and neck edge. I've added the central cable and plan baby-cable ribbing for the edges:


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