31 December 2005

knitting slump

I've been too busy to knit much since I cast off the first of what I hope will be a pair of fingerless mitts. The only pair of anything I've ever finished knitting was a pair of slip-stitch socks. The incentive was strong -- they were my final gift for a secret santa exchange -- so I had to do them. Even those I finished quite late, so that I mailed them in August. The recipient liked them a great deal, or claimed too, and I'd like to knit a pair for myself, but I know I'd probably knit one and then lose interest. I have a small basket nearly filled with single socks and mittens attesting to my fickleness. I have at least started on the second mitt -- a good 2" -- but the cats got to it and I don't have the time, energy, or inclination to detangle. Nor do I have sufficient yarn to start again. It may be that I don't have sufficient yarn to finish anyway, so I feel justified in abandoning the project for now. What I really want to knit are some baby things for the finch, due in May. I'm planning an EZ suite -- the gull wing sweater and some longies from knitters' almanac, the baby surprise sweater, and a baby bog jacket from, I think, knitting around. We're too poor now to buy yarn (I know, wah, wah -- but our heating bill was unbelievable, and we're keeping the house at a mere 60degrees! It's not fair!!) Anyway, as soon as we're in funds again I'll get some nice wool and knit some stuff for next fall and winter for all the children. I wonder whether I'll still manage a yearly sweater for each once the finch grows a bit? I'll have to cut back on the housekeeping!


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