01 June 2006

More Redwork

I'm in a knitting slump and will be at least until I get 3.25 mm circulars and 2.5 mm dps for, respectively, Wren's lacey cardigan and Finch's striped hat. Progress on crafts (as well as writing, housekeeping, and anything else) is more or less nil these days. Finch keeps me on the hop and I squander any odd bits of freedom on laundry and food prep. Besides, it's damn hot! I don't have ac in the house or the car, and young Finch likes to be constantly on the boob, so I long for the day when he will realize that he is a separate and unique individual, so that I can resume being separate and unique. In the meantime, I suffer. I did manage to snap a picture of my redwork squares. I think I've done all of 3 stitches since Himself came along, but they were a most enjoyable 3 stitches.

dinner tonight: cornmeal crusted tilapia filets, spicy black beans, salad