20 April 2006

Finished Object

I finished the knitting and the little bit of sewing up on this some time ago, but I didn't get around to sewing on the buttons and threading the little ribbon until yesterday. I'm fairly well pleased, although I'd change the buttonhole spacing if I could. Also, something about the shaping seems off to me but I don't have a good eye for line and drape so I can't put my finger on what the problem is. Finally, I wanted a more subdued blue for the buttons and ribbon, and I may well change them if I come across something I like better. The selection at JoAnne's was limited. I think it'll look swell on young Finch this autumn nonetheless. Now I've got to get back to the rompers I started several months ago and stopped work on because I couldn't get the neckline bind-off neat and tidy. If only Finch were a girly, I could crochet or knit a decorative border onto the bind-off edge, but as things are, I'm obliged to improve my technique which has been, after all, my goal since I started this blog. In the pipeline is a lacey cardigan for Wren (a repeat of a sweater I made a few years ago that she's grown out of), Robin's random cable pullover, a baby surprise sweater for Finch, and my first ever real lace (and first ever shawl) with some lovely Helen's Lace that I've been intimidated by for years. I'll have plenty of knitting and sewing time on my hands in the next few weeks since Finch has shown signs of impatience and my midwife has told me to lay off the housework and any long walks or strenuous exercise. Oh the sacrifices I make for my child!

dinner tonight: spaghetti carbonara


Blogger "Jess" said...

Beautiful sweater!

7:51 AM  
Blogger BigAlice said...

I love how your EZ sweater turned out. It looks really cute.
I have a question - I'm participating in the Almanac-along as well, and chose to make this sweater. However, I wanted to use yarn that didn't match the 5 st/inch gauge, so I changed the lace pattern to feather-and-fan, which matched up with my 6 st/inch gauge. I added 18 additional stitches under each arm, since the original has you add 14 (~3 inches?).

I'm fairly pleased with the results, except under the arms. When I finished seaming the arms together, there were big bulges under each armpit. I was wondering whether you got extra material there as well, or is it just an artifact of the lace pattern I used, which is kind of wavy. The Almanac never explained why so many stitches (3 inches seems like.. a lot) had to be cast on at the beginning of each sleeve.

Anyway, congratulations on the beautiful sweater!

2:27 PM  
Blogger meegan said...

Thanks Jess! bigalice: I also got some extra material under the arms, but not too much. If I ever make another one, I plan to add enough stitches for just one repeat of the pattern. I wonder if EZ just wanted the arms to be quite roomy and therefore easier for dressing a squirmy baby?

9:58 AM  

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