14 February 2006

An inauspicious beginning to the Knitting Olympics

As knitters everywhere cast on for the Olympics, I nursed two children through the flu, contended with two (mercifully short) power outages, and then suffered through a bout of the flu myself. Despite these setbacks, and despite having to change my project at the last moment, I think I'm in a fair way to finish on time. I'm using Elizabeth Zimmerman's seamless raglan formula from Knitting Without Tears, with the random cable idea from Chaos, the pattern I originally intended to knit. I think I'm keeping the level of challenge roughly the same. I've got a good deal more knitting to do, since this sweater is for my 5yr. old instead of my future 6 month old, but I'm familiar with the pattern and there is NO SEWING UP, save for weaving the underarms. Chaos would've been much quicker to knit, but the sewing up would have been difficult for me. I'm no seamstress. EZ's seamless sweater involves grafting, which scares me, but it's high time I learned to it properly. This, more than the knitting, will be my Olympic Challenge. Pictured is the body of the sweater, which wants just about another inch before I do the sleeves. The penultimate step is to put the underarm stitches from sleeves and body on a holder, unite the rest of the stitches on a circular needle, and knit the yoke (with raglan decreases) in one piece. Finally, graft the underarms and you've got a practically seamless sweater. Ingenious, and open to lots of adaptation!


Blogger The_Add_Knitter said...

No sewing up...glory be! I can't tell you how many beautifully knitted garments look just plain SAD after I've had to sew them up. Good luck!

8:44 PM  

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