27 January 2006

Future Fiber Artists of America!

One of my favorite fiber crafting resources for kids is Harrisville Designs. Children as young as 4 0r 5 can begin with the potholder loom using either cotton or wool loops specially made to fit. (Unlike the cheapies we found in big-box craft stores, all of the loops fit perfectly). Wren made a few potholders in her day, but has since progressed to the peg-loom, which came with a rainbow of wool as well as some strong cotton warping, sufficient to make a small pouch. We also have the 'Easy Weaver,' a rigid-heddle loom, which comes with enough wool for two small scarves. All the kits come with very clear instructions, and the materials are of good quality and reasonably priced. No affiliation -- just a very pleased customer!!

I've cast on for Finch's romper using the 4mm needles. I've decided to knit the smallest size after calculating the dimensions using my actual gauge. He won't need the extra ease for warm things underneath since he'll only be wearing it in the summer, and I have small babies anyway. I dug out my twisted-rib sock and my fingerless mitts, and stashed them in my glovebox. Hopefully I'll remember them next time I'm in the passenger seat, and not bury myself in a book instead. Speaking of books, virtue came with a literary reward today: I cleaned out under my bed today and found Cloud Atlas. Now I have something new to read while I'm knitting the easy bits, which, for the romper, is pretty much the entire thing as it's entirely in stockinette except for the ribbing. I've selected several potential yarns for my knitting olympics project:

Cascade Eco +
Classic elite Beatrice
Filatura di Crosa Luna (available only in yellow)
Valley Yarns lambswool (available only in white)

February is almost here, so I really need to make a selection and order the yarn, but I'm having a tough time deciding. When I knit from a pattern, I usually use the indicated yarn, but this pattern calls for a wool/acrylic blend, and I prefer natural fibers. I've substituted before, but only with my lyso's help. Unfortunately, my lys didn't really have anything suitable for this pattern last time I was there, so I'm stuck figuring it out for myself. Hope I don't make a hash of it!

Dinner tonight: spaghetti and meatballs, followed by a salad with pomegranate vinaigrette, followed by cream scones served with lemon curd


Anonymous andrea said...

I have been thinking about knitting that Chaos sweater but have so much other stuff I want to do first. I want to see how yours turns out!

And btw...I love the name Finch.

Andrea (who hasn't seen you in too long!)

6:30 PM  
Blogger Wendy said...

Question: I've ordered an Easy Weaver for my son ... how easy is it to re-warp? Do you have to get a kit, or can you do it yourself?

1:53 PM  

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