08 January 2006

Can we please discuss something else?

I recently re-subscribed (after a year's hiatus) to the knitU list. It seems a lot more 'managed' now, which may or may not be the case, but it still counts among it's members those who feel compelled to close down discussions not to their liking. I think it's rather silly to try to shut down any but the most offensive discussions. It's so easy to ignore email! So easy to delete without reading! In this case, a seemingly inoffensive rash of posts defending the knitter's right to knit only for herself/himself followed a description of an 'unusual' knitter who never kept a stash and who only knit for herself. I learned that some of my fellow knitters have had people ask them to knit entire sweaters with a cheerful insouicance that absolutely astounds me. Surely even non-knitters have at least a dim awareness that knitting involves more time than, say, fixing someone a turkey sandwich? Or perhaps not. At any rate, I was mildly interested in the aggrieved knitters' stories, and more interested in a few posts that began to touch on the heart of the matter: whether artists/crafters are in any sense obligated to share their gifts with others, and to what extent. I've recently started two projects for myself, but all of my other knitting has been for my children and for a few relatives. I enjoy knitting for the kids more than anything partly because it's more affordable but mostly because it suits my need for more timely gratification. I started a pair of socks today! If I keep them, it'll be three projects all for me -- selfish, selfish! Baby cable ribbing throughout (except for heels and toes) in a grass-green wool/nylon blend. Nothing fancy, but it's only my 2nd pair of socks (and I do hope it turns out to actually be a pair, my history with singletons notwithstanding). As soon as I have a bit of scratch, I'll get some fine, soft wool for the baby's things. In a week or so I have another ultrasound, and they should be able to confirm his boyness. I kinda hope they tell me it's a little girl after all -- the girls are so much more fun to knit and sew for!

Dinner tonight: black beans and rice, banana empanadas


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