09 January 2006

A trip to my lys!

Yesterday was unexpectedly free of a particularly unpleasant obligation, so I celebrated by spending part of next week's grocery budget on wool from my local yarn shop. I was eager to start some of the baby's things, especially after reading about the Knitter's Almanac knitalong, and I wanted to let Wren, my 8 yr. old, choose yarn for her first project. She learned to knit recently on some Red Heart acrylic but I couldn't ask her to knit more than a few rows because the texture was so unpleasant. To further indulge myself, I interrupted dh's programming works so that I wouldn't have to drive, and, more importantly, try to park. So, Justin drove us all, and he and the boy parked and sneered at all the Fells Pt. hipsters while Wren and I shopped for yarn. Wren was very proud to be treated as a customer, and politely asked for a worsted-weight wool for her scarf. The saleslady very nicely directed her to a moderately priced wool, and steered her away from a much softer (and far more expensive!!) alpaca, explaining that the wool would be less slippery and therefore easier to work with for a beginner. Wren chose a bright blue that contrasts well with her red coat, and will go nicely with next year's plaid coat as well. It also matches her eyes beautifully, but I try never to comment on the child's hair or eyes, since she gets far too much attention for these as it is. I was proud of her for remembering what she wanted and for not expecting me to mediate for her -- my baby girl, shopping for yarn! She asked me if I would knit her a hat with the same yarn, so we got two 100 gram hanks, which will do us nicely. I chose an undyed homespun, also worsted-weight, wool of course, enough (I hope) for a pr. of longies, the gull-stitch cardigan, and a little hat. Finch is due in May, but I'm knitting them in a gauge to yield about a 6 - 9 mos size for his first fall and winter. I think I'll have to go back for some of that alpaca though -- so soft!

Dinner tonight: teriyaki glazed salmon, gingered rice, green beans tossed with ginger/soy dressing


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