31 January 2006

a grand awakening

Perhaps it's the baby hormones, but in the past few months I've been inspired, almost compelled, to put a lot more thought and effort into my creative pursuits than I have in many years. I feel more confident in my abilities and, paradoxically, more aware of my limitations. In the past I've been easily discouraged by failed projects, easily daunted by complicated sounding instructions, and easily frustrated by small setbacks. Without conscious effort, I'm now able to focus on and enjoy the process. Errors and difficulties are less frustrating now because I can see the opportunity inherent in all setbacks. I've always had a great appreciation for things made by hand, but I've never felt as capable of producing them as I do now. I've been branching out a great deal in the kitchen, have completed my first-ever story submission to a literary journal, and have several crafting projects in the pipeline. Among these latter are:

felted beads with the kids
drop-spindle spinning
redwork embroidery
sewing diapers for Finch

I bought some wool roving in rainbow colors off ebay, and the children and I will be felting these into small beads suitable for necklaces as soon as they come. I also ordered an inexpensive spinning kit which should arrive this week. I have a marvelous redwork book, as well as all the materials save bleached muslin that I need to make a crib quilt, so I'll get that project going very soon. I'm hoping to sew the diapers very soon, but I'm a little bit nervous since my previous sewing projects are fair to middling at best. I need to be especially calm and mindful whenever I sew because it doesn't come naturally to me at all and I end up feeling frustrated and embarassed that I can't master this simple skill that most of my female ancestors must have. I'm going to go slowly with this project, and maybe even find a friend who sews to help out. I've also contemplated, but not definitely planned, soap-making and candle-making projects, as well as jam-making. I've mentioned the possibility of a small, outdoor tandoori oven to Mr. Desultory (I'd have to be the apprentice on any of those putatively male pursuits) and he seems willing if not keen. Excelsior!

dinner tonight: spinach salad with turkey bacon and blue cheese, herbed toast


Blogger kath red said...

i love the what for dinner tonight section at the bottom of each post - inspiring me.

12:22 AM  
Blogger meegan said...

kath -- thanks for the comment -- cooking has been part of my creative awakening too! Incidentally -- I found your blog through whipup and really enjoyed it. Your pi oven inspired me to nudge the mister about my old dream of having a tandoori oven.

6:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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