05 February 2006

(This is actually from Feb 3rd, but I'm republishing because the original post disappeared into the ether.)Our power went off for a few hours this evening, just after I'd finished all the dinner prep, though, happily for me, just before I started the actual cooking. As a parent, I know I'm supposed to make the most of a power outage with ghost stories or tales of the pioneers, or some such, but I was really just not in the mood. I wanted to get on with dinner, so we could get on with the games (friday night is family game night) so I could get on with the knitting. Besides which, the children and I were awfully hungry, because we'd forgotten to have lunch before walking to the grocery store and by the time we got back it was (I thought) too close to suppertime to eat more than a snack. Also, BGE has gotten mighty snarky lately, sending out turn-off notices whenever we're more than a few seconds (okay, days, but still) late with our payment. Which we are each month because they're gouging us frightfully this Winter, and praise be it's been a mild one. So naturally I was more annoyed with them than I would otherwise have been. But I think I've whined about all that before, haven't I? Anyway, I did get a few points in the marriage game out of the ordeal, because Mr. Desultory had neglected to buy lamp oil as requested, and had carelessly left the flashlight in the basement instead of on the designated bookshelf. Most inconvenient. We did end up chatting and playing 20 questions until the power came back on at half past 7, at which time we cheered lustily. We even squeezed in a few games after dinner, despite that it was quite late and way past the children's bedtime. I'm tired, but eager to try out the jogless stripes technique on Finch's romper, now that it's all joined up on one circular. I also want to swatch for the Chaos sweater I'm knitting for the knitting olympics, a pattern that is beginning to seem rather daunting now. I'm using some hitherto forgotten Aran tweed, the only wool that survived the carpet beetle infestation that beset me a few months ago and led to a large trash-bag full of unsalvagable wool. I found this little giftie while cleaning out my closet (why can't I be as suitably rewarded every time I clean?) and agonized over whether to use it for Finch since I originally bought it for Robin (who looks gorgeous in burnt orange) until I remembered that Robin has very firmly requested a blue or green sweater next fall. Problem solved.

dinner tonight: turkey burgers with sweet onion jam on toasted whole-wheat rolls, chili-spiced sweet potato fries


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