01 March 2006

A first attempt at embroidery

Several years ago, inspired I suppose by the popularity of toile prints on everything from wrapping paper to lampshades to upholstery fabric, I spent a lazy afternoon browsing the internet for decorative arts and design. Along the way I was sidetracked into redwork embroidery, which enchanted me at once. I checked my credit card balance, and promptly ordered this book from Amazon, which further enchanted me, but, alas, not to the point of actually doing any redwork embroidery. I bought a transfer pencil and some tracing paper, and some bleached muslin. I laundered the muslin, straightened the grain, and even cut out a large square before I decided this was well beyond my scope. A few weeks ago I decided to give it a try, and found the process quite enjoyable. I'm not entirely satisfied with the end result, but I'm as enchanted as before with redwork, and am planning to do more. This piece, my first, is fraught with mistakes. The stitches are uneven in places, some of the threads have untwisted (would beeswax help?), and the back of the work should be much tidier. Still, I'm pleased. It helps that my children, as well as a neighbor over to borrow a cup of sugar, were very generous with their praise.

dinner tonight: red-snapper with lemon-thyme sauce, lemony jasmine rice, peas


Anonymous Melissa said...

Meegan - I think that you've done a fantastic job......it's quite ironic because I've found a template of Little Red Riding Hood, and I'm in the process of convicing myself that I could do redowork if I really try(after 18 years, I need a change from knitting!) Keep up the great work!

12:08 AM  
Blogger meegan said...

Thanks Melissa! I'm eager to start a crib quilt now -- I've got to get some tracing paper to do the transfers though. I'm in love with redwork -- it took a few tries before I 'got' the stem stitch, but after that it was pretty easy. Go for it -- Red Riding Hood in redwork sounds charming.

11:35 PM  
Blogger Redwork in Germany said...

Keep on going Meegan, your first Redwork is cute, I really like it. And Melissa, go on start your Red Riding Hood Redwork project it sounds wonderful. Redwork really is simple to learn and as Meegan said just a question of learning by doing...

4:59 AM  

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