23 February 2006

I got mail!

I get mail every day actually, but it usually runs to 65% junk, 30% bills, and 5% knitting, craft, toy, and book catalogs. But now and again I splurge on some mail order (usually books or fiber) and then I can look forward to packages. Yesterday (while I was out all day, worst luck) two packages came. Most importantly, I got my wool roving from Leighton Farms. These folks are absolutely fabulous! It turns out that the shipping error I blogged about earlier was partly my fault and partly ebay's -- I'd changed my address 3 years ago when I moved, but ebay still had the old one on file listed as my 'shipping address' with my new one listed as my 'billing address'. Not only did Tom and Kathy notify me as soon as they discovered what had happened, they also resent the package and declined to charge me the extra shipping. So, excellent customer service, very nice folks, and the fiber, as you can see, is gorgeous:

The other package I got was from another great company called knitwerx. I emailed immediately after placing my order to ask a question and the owner emailed me within the hour with the answer I wanted to hear! The yarn shipped quickly and was beautifully packaged:

Also, knitwerx was the only place that had any DB Aran Tweed in that color, and I need it to finish my random cables olympics sweater (cables eat up a lot of yarn) which will almost certainly not be finished on time. What can I say -- I've never been very diligent or disciplined and, at 33, it's unlikely I'm ever going to be. Anyway, I love, love, love getting packages in the mail!


Anonymous may said...

ooh tweedy yarn! I've been big into tweed recently :)

yummy fiber too!

2:43 PM  

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